Urban Myths

Paintings influenced by the towns of Cornwall, notably Truro and Redruth. These paintings developed over a long period of time and are narrative, drawing on both adult and childhood experiences to create paintings which have been likened to ‘stage sets’ or ‘different worlds’. Although most of the work is small in scale, there is a tremendous energy behind them. Memory, distortion, colour and movement are used to create these environments and to communicate Turner’s experience of the urban environment which can be funny, exciting or dark and disturbing; sometimes all these things at once. Colour and composition are very important to evoke both a mood and a sense of time and place. But perhaps most important are the characters that inhabit the space. Like figures on a stage they act out their lives and the most commonplace of activities becomes, on canvas, significant. Jugglers, Skateboarders, Ladies Shopping and Children Playing. Whilst they inhabit a different world, it is one that is still somehow familiar.



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